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maintain the formatted text as it is

make it capture information intact from any program, especially browsers.

Having used the version given here earlier I find it a very useful and very highly customizable program (it has many options and of such kind that makes you think that the developer was really taking the end user’s needs into consideration when making it) and since it has a portable edition, too, it could make for me the ultimate clipboard manager but I haven’t found a solution to these ploblems:

a) If the text you want to copy contains characters of the second language of your computer (i.e. greek in my case, I don’t know if that happens with other languages, too) you have to toggle the language of the application from which you copy before do the copy otherwise you will end up with a text full of question marks, instead of the original text. The worst thing is that Spartan doesn’t even inform you that there is a problem so you can loose a lot of data before you notice it because with english it works fine and because you sometimes forget to toggle the language.
b) It doesn’t maintain the formatted text as it is, which consists a deal breaker for me.

Otherwise Spartan would be my first choice.

Comment by Watcher1924

Watcher1924 , 28.08.2012, 20:40
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